This is a premium quality Diesel Engine oil specially developed for TRACTORS. This is a very high quality & performer Engine oil based on a blend of high quality, high viscosity index, mineral base oils & selected additives to meet the performance requirements of TRACTORS, GENERATORS & other machinery where required. It provides premium benefits, longer life, and high performance along with fuel economy.

  • High lubricity and detergency.
  • Anti-wear and anti-corrosive properties.
  • Low volatility & evaporation loss.
  • Reduce fuel consumption.
  • Prevent sludge formation.

KINETIC POWER BOOST (20W40) meets the specification requirements of: API CH-4 PLUS & JASO MA-2


Specially formulated engine oil is recommended for all make and model of TRACTORS requiring engine oil of 20W-40, API CH-4 PLUS specification manufactured by leading OEM manufacturers.

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