KINETIC 85W140 High Performance Gear Oil

KINETIC 85W-140 is a high-quality extreme pressure type multi-grade gear lubricant specially designed for heavy commercial vehicles and other automotive equipment operated under high-speed high-shock load, high-speed low-torque, and low-speed high-torque conditions.

  • Excellent load-carrying capacity.
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection.
  • Superior oxidation stability with longer drain intervals.
  • Outstanding protection of gears against wear and enhances durability & reliability.
  • Excellent seal compatibility helps to minimize leakages and reduces chances of contamination.

KINETIC GEAR OIL (85W140) meets the specification requirements of API GL-5.


KINETIC GEAR OIL (85W140) is recommended for non-synchronized manual transmissions and axle drives of heavy commercial vehicles as well as hypoid gears in passenger cars and other equipment.


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