This oil is specially formulated for more than 150cc. Motorbikes. This oil is with power technology is high quality Multi grade 4 stroke engine oil that provide complete engine protection & help reduce consumption. It also helps to protect against a decrease in viscosity against an increase in temperature. KINETIC 4T ULTRA 20W-50 is a high-performance 4T engine oil specially developed for the Bajaj range of two-wheelers.

  • Provides excellent engine cleanliness.
  • Good thermal & oxidation stability allows oil drain intervals to be extended.
  • Prevents engine from overheating.
  • Less friction entails less fuel to power the engine.

KINETIC 4T ULTRA 20W-50 meets the specification requirements of API SM & JASO MA-2


Specially formulated engine oil recommended for all bikes requiring engine oil of 20W-50, API SL/SM specification manufactured by leading OEM manufacturers.

Pack size: – 1LTR. 50LTR. 210LTR.

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