15W40 Gold Pride Engine Oil

This high-quality premium multi-grade engine oil is ideally suited for engines operating continuously under extreme conditions. It is suitable for Turbocharged & directs injection engines where the engines observe high-stress conditions.

  • Superior engine protection on critical engine parts.
  • Extended drain interval.
  • Helps to maximize performance.
  • Exceptional cleansing even at longer drain interval periods.
  • Delivers high performance and protection.

Specially formulated engine oil is recommended for all make and models of turbocharged Loading Trucks, TRACTORS, Mini Bus requiring engine oil of 15W-40, API CF-4 PLUS specification manufactured by leading OEM manufacturers.


1 Ltr. I 3.5 Ltr.| 5 Ltr. I 7.S ltr. I 10 Ltr. I 20 Ltr. I 5O Ltr. I 210 ltr.

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